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Industrial Electrician
U. S. Steel Canada’s operations are efficient and high tech and our customer focus is intense. We’ve been making steel for more than 100 years, always with an eye to making it better, faster and more cost effectively. From the high-strength, light-weight steels that make automobiles sleeker, safer and more fuel efficient, to the polished surfaces of the appliances you use every day, to the steel framing and roofs that make our homes stronger and safer, our products do things that no other material can.

At United States Steel Corporation, our strength is our people. Our 38,000 dedicated, diverse and innovative employees across North America and Europe contribute to our company in creative ways every day and have helped us maintain our position as a Fortune 500 company.
U. S. Steel has a Vision for the future – Making Steel. World Competitive. Building Value. – and we are seeking talented, motivated, and creative people like you to help us achieve it.

United States Steel Canada is seeking Industrial Electricians at its Lake Erie facility in Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada.

The Task Requirements of the job are as follows:

• Inspect and test equipment in order to diagnose and analyze problems.
• Determine nature of repairs and modifications required to minimize interruption to production.
• Demonstrate thorough knowledge of electrical, electronic, instrumentation, mechanical, process principles and current techniques through ability to install, dismantle, reassemble, replace, calibrate, repair, adjust, fabricate, lubricate, maintain, etc., systems and equipment as assigned.
• Perform special investigation and experimental work as required.
• Develop new or modified applications and procedures.
• Perform simple layouts for minor fabrications.
• Perform burning and various types of soldering.
• Develop, provide and ensure complete and proper safety clearances and procedures as required.
• Employee may work alone, with minimal supervision or with other Maintenance Technicians in conjunction with operating team members to perform maintenance tasks.

Qualification Requirements:

• Industrial Electrician Certificate of Qualification (442A)
• Minimum of two years experience in an industrial environment.
• Consideration will also be given to candidates possessing an Electrician - Construction & Maintenance Certificate of Qualification (309A), but these individuals must have extensive experience in maintenance and trouble-shooting of industrial equipment.

The Work Environment Requirements of the job are as follows:

• The job is within a heavy industrial environment and you may be required to work within various areas of the facility. Depending on the area you work in, the environmental conditions may be hot, cold, dirty, dusty, wet or noisy.
• Safety is our highest priority, and safety procedures and guidelines must be adhered to at all times. This includes wearing personal protective equipment, such as a hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, respirators, flame retardant clothing and safety shoes with metatarsal protection at all times during a work shift.
• Employees work in a unionized, highly industrial setting.

The Work Schedule Requirements of the job are as follows:

• Our Lake Erie facility operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year with varying hours of work including 8 and 12 hour rotating shifts.
• This means that you may be required to work different days of the week each time you rotate shifts. In other words, you may be required to work Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
• The position requires you to work overtime as needed.
• Punctuality and attendance are extremely important to the success of the operations in general as well as contributing to an overall positive team environment.

The Physical Requirements of the job are as follows:

• Temperature Tolerance: The ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
• Reaction Time: The ability to quickly respond to process upsets.
• Static Strength: The ability to exert significant muscle force to lift, push, pull, or carry objects.
• Trunk Strength: The ability to use your abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly or continuously over time, including bending and stooping.
• Dynamic Strength: The ability to exert muscle force at intervals throughout a work shift. This involves muscular endurance and resistance to muscle fatigue.
• Agility: The ability to negotiate different areas of the plant, including climbing stairs and ladders, and moving around barriers.
• Manual Dexterity: The ability to quickly move, and react.

Thank you for your interest in employment at U. S. Steel Canada.