Welcome to the Bridgewater Career Website!

Opportunities at Bridgewater are available in the core areas described below. Each of these areas includes roles that span departments at Bridgewater and different experience levels. Please apply to the role you’re most interested in and indicate your interest in any additional areas or roles in your application.   
InvestmentUnderstand the fundamental cause-and-effect relationships that drive global markets and economiesInvestment Associate, Investment Engineer, Trading Associate, Investment Operations, Research Associate, Client Advisor, Client Service Associate
ManagementShape the future of the company and help build tools and systems supporting a principled approach to managementGeneral Manager (Management Associate), Project/Program Manager, Chief of Staff, Management Trainer
TechnologyEngineer the software and systems that we use to construct our systematized understanding of the worldSoftware Engineer, Data Scientist, Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Systems/Infrastructure Engineer, Tech Support
Business SupportBe the force that keeps our team on track and organized, propelling the mission forwardAdministrative Assistant, Business Coordinator, Business Analyst, Executive Assistant
Specialized RolesBe an integral part of the infrastructure supporting our mission to understand the world including HR and Recruiting, Risk Management and Cyber Security, Real Estate and Hospitality, Media and Communications, Legal and Regulatory, and Accounting and Finance.Accountant, Finance Associate, Employee Relations Associate, Recruiter, Security Manager, Compliance Associate, Communications Editor

If you’re currently enrolled in college and interested in applying or learning more, please visit Campus Recruiting.