Welcome to the SABIC University Career Site

Welcome to the SABIC University Career Site!

We have openings in our Entry-Level Development Programs as well as Co-ops and/or Internships.

We offer graduates three traineeship programs: the SABIC Engineer early Development Program (SEeD); the Information Management Development program (IMD) and Commercial Development program (CDP).

SEeD focuses on building state-of-the-art manufacturing and operations methods through practical assignments, while IMD does similar work in information management.

Through extensive training and challenging projects the CDP program gives its members the tools necessary to leverage their technical background through a two-year rotational program designed to accelerate professional development. Training includes work in various areas of the commercial organization including engineering sales, digital marketing, material process development and supply chain. After two years, candidates pursue challenging leadership roles in our commercial organization.

We have an Early Identification (EID) program; that is designed to accelerate the technical and leadership development of entry-level talent through job rotation.

We also offer students a choice of summer internship programs in areas such as Finance; Information Management; Technology; Manufacturing; and Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS).

During your internship, we take a close interest in how you tackle your assignment and your overall performance. Do well, and you could secure a permanent job with us.

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