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This site will allow you to submit your referral's resume against an open position or just upload their resume into the recruiting database.

If you are having problems with viewing or referring someone to a position, please contact our system administrator at

How to Submit a Referral Candidate

Step 1: Create an account or log in.
Your account is tied to your personal email address and based upon the profile you created when you applied to or within the company. Enter your personal email address under Username. If you do not remember what email address is associated, select “Forgot your username?”
Tip: Remember your password. If you forget, we cannot reset it, and you will need to create a new account, losing all prior work history.

Step 2: To submit a referral directly to an open position, select "Search Openings" to search open positions by location, group, requisition ID, or keyword. If you prefer to submit to the general database, select "Submit resume/CV".
Submitting a referral against an open position will increase the likelihood of a hire and opportunity for a referral bonus.

Step 3: Answer the “Referring Employee Profile” questions.
You have the option of using your personal or ManTech email for further contact regarding the Employee Referral Program.

Step 4: Upload or copy your referral’s resume. A cover letter is optional

Step 5: Verify the resume information and save.
Entering additional candidate information is optional.

Step 6: Confirm that your referral was received by selecting “Referral Status.” You can also check here for status updates on positions your referral is applying to.

Thank you for your referral!

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