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UI Artist
Canada - Toronto



The incumbent will design the graphic elements (menus and interfaces) that will enable transitions between contents and faciliate navigation in the game.




The main and routine tasks of the Graphic Designer – Menus and Interfaces are to:


·   Be familiar with game design documents so as to know what type of player experience is expected;

·   Organize the architecture of the graphic elements that will appear versus the player’s actions;

·   Find solutions in order to foster easy access to the navigation menu and make the game user-friendly;

·   Design the graphic elements of the interfaces and menus;

·   Work in collaboration with the programming team so as to implement the menu and interface elements;

·   Verify the quality of the menus once they have been imported into the game and make any necessary improvements;

·   Correct the menu bugs found by testers so as to eliminate any anomalies;

·   Carry out all other related tasks.





Attestation of collegial studies in graphic design and multimedia or equivalent.  


Relevant Experience:


Minimum 1-3 years’ experience in creating interfaces and stylizing menus or equivalent.


Other skills:


·   Creativity (originality and resourcefulness when searching for solutions);

·   Observation skills;

·   Ability to work as part of a team;

·   Ability to accept critiques and adapt to change;

·   Sense of initiative.