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A Produce Selector is responsible for selecting customer orders and building high quality pallets with a high degree of accuracy and great sense of urgency while working safe and meeting production standards.

Essential Job Functions:

• Obtain list of product to be picked and stacked.
• Input information, start and complete time, into computer/ production sheet.
• Log shorts on form at shipping desk.
• Drive to the stack of pallets and through aisles with pallets for.
• Lifts products from the pick slots and places them on the pallets.
• Place label on item to ensure correct count.
• Operates equipment from to slot to slot following bill until completion.
• Correct stacked pallet if needed.
• Empty pallets in front of rack are picked up and moved to empty rack.
• Completed orders are marked with ID number/pallet tag.
• Pallets are re-loaded onto pallet jack and deposited at correct garage.
• Pickup/move damage cases as needed.
• Tape damaged cases as needed.
• Moving empty pallets as needed.

• Recent experience working in a selecting orders and building quality pallets preferred
• Pallet Jack experience preferred
• Detail oriented to ensure a high level of accurate selections for customers
• Be able to read and comprehend labels, instructions and bills of lading
• Possess strong problem solving skills and excellent time management skills
• Must be able to use independent discretion/judgment
• Ability to work in a team environment
• Must be able to work days, nights, weekends and holidays

Physical Requirements:

• Lifting: up to 65lbs boxes all levels up to frequently
• Frequency: 27 - 45 lifts in 5 minutes
• Carrying: from 2ft – 10ft from rack to pallet jack up to 65lbs
• Walking: from pallet jacks to pick slots, shipping table to machine
• Stooping: to retrieve products from back lower rack
• Reaching: to retrieve boxes on top rack and back of pallet
• Pushing/Pulling: stretching clear wrap around load
• Ability to work in a cold environment
• Vision: seeing colors, equipment, judging distances, computer screens and/or paperwork
• Hearing: equipment movement and horns, verbal instructions, alarms and intercom system
Environmental Exposures: Ability to work in dry to refrigerated warehouse environments, exposure to varying temperature levels, exposure to dust.