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Mechanical Assembler
Guelph, ON, Canada
Skyjack Guelph Plant 2

• High School diploma or equivalent.
• One year of training and/or experience.
• Ability to read and understand work orders to obtain information about the customers' set up preferences. Interpret assembly and schematic drawings to troubleshoot technical problems with subassemblies and finished products.
• Ability to take measurements to perform such tasks as cutting wire to specific lengths or drilling holes in the correct location. Measure parts, compare to specifications and adjust the fit.
• Possess problem solving skills to resolve conflicts. For example, an assembly drawing is incorrect: with skill and experience, identify and correct the error, consulting with co-workers or lead if other opinions are required.
• Ability to interact with their supervisor to receive work assignments and to troubleshoot assembly and quality problems. Communicate with co-workers to co-ordinate work and to exchange information about procedures and technical problems.
• Ability to work independently and/or work with a partner to complete large or complex jobs as required. Work in a team environment under the direction of a supervisor as required.
• Ability to use computer applications and prepare memos as needed. For example, use computer-controlled machinery to read diagnostic information. Access technical information and enter production data.
• Possess drive and motivation to continuously learn and to maintain a current knowledge of equipment technology, electronics and safety. Participate in off-site training, for example, taking courses at community colleges.

• Develop and implement a Brand and Communication strategy, standards and practices company-wide that elicit the behaviour, emotion and recognition objectives of the company.
• Assemble, fit and install prefabricated parts to form subassemblies or finish products using hand and power tools.
• Position, align and adjust parts for proper fit and assembly and connect cables, tubes and wires.
• Fasten parts together using bolting and riveting equipment or other fastening and joining techniques.
• Operate or tend automated assembling equipment, such as robotics and fixed automation equipment.
• Operate small cranes to transport or position larger parts as required.
• Make sub-assemblies to drawings and specifications.
• Perform quality checks as required.
• Complete SPC charts and flow sheets.
• Pack in approved containers.
• Perform other duties/projects as assigned.
Contract Hourly