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Resource Director
Human Resources & Knowledge Management
Canada - Montreal

Ubisoft, producer, editor and distributor of video games, interactive software, and multimedia applications situated in a loft in the heart of Mile-End, Montreal , offers a stimulating work environment where creativity, friendliness and leading edge technology are how what we pride ourselves in. You will benefit from a competitive salary and a range of social advantages, packaged with the strong possibility of advancement, as well as profit from a learning environment allowing you to get hands on experience with the latest innovations of your field.

The working director will oversee the development and strategic assignments of community talents and support the evolution of his/her unit.
The main and routine tasks of the development director are to:
Talent development
· Align talent development and the corporation’s strategic needs;
· Implement new development means to foster the evolution of the unit and its people;
· Ensure the relevance of the various development means and their alignment with employees needs (training, e-learning, development plan, COOP, conferences, etc,);
· Create events to foster expertise sharing and the vitality of unit communities;
Talent assignment
· Provide visibility for talents within the unit;
· Help determine strategic needs in terms of key project and studio resources for project HR, executive producers, producers and recruiting;
· Highlight the gaps between the needs and availability for key positions and resources and help set out action plans;
· Provide a framework for assignment decisions to find optimal solutions to deliver projects and ensure employee development and the cost-effectiveness of the studio;
· Provide career management guidance for key talents;
· Support the inter-project management team to ensure optimal time management;
· Ensure the efficiency of the reassignment process.
Evolution of the working unit
· Lead the process to resolve organizational issues within the unit in order to optimize productivity;
· Provide unit-specific support for HR with regards to issue management, recruiting and organizational development;
· Validate promotions (titles, levels), the list of key people and salary reviews;
· Review a representative sample of the evaluations from a unit perspective (inequities, shortcomings in terms of quality, follow ups on issues);
· Be a unit adviser to the executive team.
Team management
· Supervise, assess and coach employees;
· Follow up on team objectives. 
· Carry out all other related tasks.
University degree in a relevant field or relevant technical training.
Relevant experience
Minimum 5 years’ unit-specific experience in video game production or any other relevant experience.
· Leadership skills
· Excellent communication skills
· Human resource skills
· Ability to manage and adapt to change
· Ability to manage concurrent projects
· Client focus
· Ability to defend one’s point of view
· Ability to delegate and create accountability
· Results focus
· Bilingualism (French-English)
· Extensive knowledge of the video game market and industry