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Senior Fullstack Engineer
United Kingdom
London - OSB
The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world’s leading business news and information organisations.We are recognised globally for our authority, integrity and accuracy. We provide a broad range of essential services, including news, comment, data and analysis, to the growing audience of internationally minded business people.
It takes a cutting edge technology stack to provide the foundation for the cutting edge journalism that the Financial Times is renowned for. Keeping our users - customers and developers - safe is paramount across our diverse technology portfolio of platforms, products and services.

We’re looking for a skilled full-stack developer with a keen interest in security to help us deliver the tooling, practices and processes that keep our systems and applications safe across a wide platform of SaaS and PaaS, and the latest architectural concepts such as containerised microservices and serverless compute (Lambda).

This is an exciting opportunity to work across a number of technologies including Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Management, Secure Key Storage and API development as a technical leader, with responsibility for making the technical decisions and product design, as well as mentoring other members of the team.
  • Leading the building of security tools and API’s for developers and systems to consume
  • Technical leadership and mentoring across the team and organisation
  •  Proactively identify and fix insecure practices and security vulnerabilities in the platform and network through audits, penetration testing and various other means
  • Provide expertise to other engineers in the designing and building of secure software
  • Evangelising security to technology and business colleag
●    Significant software development experience including in a technical leadership role
●    Strong Java and Python Knowledge, 
●    A willingness to learn new technologies and languages
●    Good understanding of how to build API’s and build REST based web services
●    An understanding of SAML, TLS, LDAP and other access and authorisation technologies
●    Good knowledge of HTTP/S

●    Node.JS, Ruby, Go or similar
●    Experience of automation technologies like Puppet, Ansible and CloudFormation
●    Understanding of network architecture protocols and principles
●    Knowledge of CDN technologies and Web Application Firewalls
●    Experience integrating security tools into existing development workflows